The tech industry has been good to Kit Larimer. He’s worked for big companies, including Microsoft, as well as some electronics companies. But his small hometown of Cle Elum was calling him back. However, after making a decent living, what could the small town offer him that would keep him gainfully employed?Roslyn Brew Company8

Roslyn Brewing Company had been in business for 14 years when Kit was evaluating his options. The craft brewery, located on 207 Pennsylvania Avenue in Roslyn, Washington, was just what he was looking for. That was in 2004. Kit’s now owned the brewery for 12 yrs, which, at that time, offered two brews: Brookside and Roslyn. Now, he’s added 4 more (Red Lager, Belgium Ale, India Pale Ale, Boomtown Ale) and is working on a 5th. Currently, Roslyn Brewing Company beers are sold at bottle shops and served at fine establishments around Washington State. Lucky for Washingtonians!Roslyn Brew Company2Roslyn Brew Company

Next time you’re in Washington State, stop by Gravity Beer in Olympia, Washington, 99 Bottles in Federal Way or the over 150+ locations around Washington State and try one of their brews.

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