The world is full great businesses. Before I got into business, I didn’t pay much attention except when the business provided bad service or the prices were unreasonable. (I still pay attention to that) However, I love finding businesses that provide either a unique product or service, or have amazing staff that treats customers like family. Sandstone Distillery is one of those kinds of businesses that treat you like family the moment you walk in. The business is run by husband and wife, John and Jenni Bourdon, along with their son, Justin, and makes all of their spirits (including bacon whiskey) onsite. John tells the story, Jenni serves you up some samples and Justin explains the distilling process. Heck, you may even see the other family members pitching in, here and there.

They offer their local products in establishments around Thurston County, Washington, but are gaining visibility at various festivals, networking groups and Total Wine in Western Washington. They’ll even set you up with gift packs! If you’re ever in Tenino, Washington, you’ve got to check them out at 842 Wright Rd SE Tenino, WA, 98589, email them or call (360) 239-7272. They’re definitely special people!