Entrepreneurs come in many forms. Some are flamboyant, while others are quiet and humble. Anthony Taing, of Advance 360 Imaging, is the quiet and humble variety.

Born and raised in the South Puget Sound area and formerly trained and worked as an engineer, Anthony served as a project manager in the construction industry. In this role, he often found himself using cameras, handling photography, and taking photos on projects at different stages. In addition to photography, he established a drone program for his last employer and developed a passion for photography. Advance 360 Imaging was born.

Deciding to go on his own, Anthony took six months to develop a client referral network. His first project was through a friend from high school, who worked for a real estate agent and needed photography services. From this first client, he got connected with other real estate agents who wanted photography of their listings and soon found himself getting referrals from real estate agents in the South Puget Sound. He serves other industries, including automotive, construction and restaurants.

His favorite type of business to work with? Although he works with a diverse client base and does all things relating to photography, he enjoys working with a mid-sized business who needs ongoing media services (not just one and done).

His future goal is to develop a team and to have his work make a bigger impact on the community.

If you ‘re in the South Puget Sound and ever need photography work done, Advance 360 Imaging offers:

  • Drone work and aerial video photogrammetry (3D modeling)
  • Virtual photo tours for Google business profiles
  • Commercial video for businesses
  • Script writing and producing
  • HDR photography for real estate and commercial business (bracketing photos – 5 photos in row of different exposure levels)
  •  Photography courses to those who want to learn different techniques