thumb_IMG_7602_1024Mahalo for visiting the TalkingSmallBiz Blog. The blogging behind TalkingSmallBiz is me, Karen Barr, a jack-of-all-trades and master of some and sales professional, who has a passion for small business enterprises. I see the hard work, sweat and tears of the many who want to live the “American dream” and want to be a vehicle to help them see that dream through TalkingSmallBiz. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and have lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years, I see the multitudes of small businesses who start out with great hopes and aspirations to establish themselves for years, but do not (and may not be able to or have the funds to) keep up with marketing trends.

My recent stint in Honolulu had allowed me to meet and network with some fabulous minds and entrepreneurs. Back in Olympia, I have met some new (and reestablished some established) networking relationships that I want to grow and expand. I live in the land of wineries and great food and will share and highlight merits of them, one at a time—all potential content for TalkingSmallBiz. My frequent trips to Honolulu (check in on family) allow me to experience and be exposed to old and new establishments to share as well. I love showing off and sharing good things!