IdaI love small business. I love the fact that someone or people would have a passion for something so much that they’d risk their comfort zone to offer their passions to the world. I especially appreciate small businesses that overcome many challenges and come out stronger and more focused.Tiare Teiti red dress

I love fashion, clothing and the Polynesian flair, which can all be found at Tiare Teiti (Tee-are-eh Tay-ee-tee: roll your “r”). Ida Teiti, a very hip Tahitian, who designs her own prints and apparel, established this little boutique. If you’re a maverick for style and love color, then Tiare Teiti is the place for you. Her beautiful, bold floral print patterns and dress styles are appealing to the eye and demonstrates avante garde panache. Tiare Teiti Kane ShirtsBut men, don’t feel left out, there are the Tiare Teiti men’s Tahitian aloha shirts that are bold, and exuberates the Polynesian male style. Besides apparel, this trendy shop also offers scarves, bags, pareaus (pah-ray-ohs or sarongs), authentic Tahitian vanilla and Tahitian pearl jewelry. You can also find Honey Girl swimwear for women and girls. When you make a purchase, your items will be carefully wrapped in tissue and tied with a cord that boasts a coconut piece (that can be later used as a pendant if you’re good with crafts) and placed in a cool mesh bag.

You can find Tiare Teiti online, Facebook or at the Ward Warehouse shopping complex at 1240 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814. Click here to see the store.