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If There’s No Job That Utilizes Your Skill Set, Create That Perfect Job

SmallBizYou’ve been working at a company long enough to know it with your eyes closed and you’ve been pursuing your passion that has produced another set of skills. Both allow you to be gainfully employed and then some, but you’re only working the one that guarantees to pay your bills. You aren’t being challenged at your current job and the jobs that would utilize your passion skill sets require years of experience to get hired. What do you do? Consider becoming a business owner.

Being a business owner is no easy feat, but is doable if you do some soul-searching, planning and development of your potential business idea/ideas. Write those ideas down to answer:

  • who is your target market
  • what will you provide
  • why you want provide your goods or services
  • how will you provide those goods or services
  • how much will you need to provide those goods or services
  • where will you provide your goods or services
  • when will you start your business

Visit your local Small Business Association, research your potential competition, interview businesses in the same industry you’re interested in.

You can do anything with careful contemplation, planning and motivation!

Aromatic Flavors of Curry House Lacey

As you can tell, I enjoy eating—especially cultural cuisine. I live in a small city that is bordered by two other smalls cities, comprisingIMG_9851 the “tri-cities” of Western Washington. We don’t have tons of multi-ethnic cuisine but, thankfully, we have an Indian restaurant that boasts such flavor and hospitality that I cannot help but share. The Curry House at 8765 Tallon Ln NE, Unit H, Lacey, WA 98516 has become my “go-to” restaurant for curry and spice. 
When you enter the establishment during lunch, owner Pranjit welcomes you with her warm smile. After ushering you to a table, your olfactories are met with tantalizing smells of curry, garlic and other flavors that helps you to know you are, indeed, in an Indian restaurant. The menu (also available online) offers selections of appetizers, clay oven dishes and vegetarian. Don’t worry if you’re a meat-lover, there are number of chicken or lamb, to satisfy your carnivorous hunger pangs. Each meal is so robust, even during lunch that you leave with leftovers for the next meal! I love this because it offers a great value for the price. I usually eat the vegetarian entrée because I thoroughly enjoy Mattir Paneer, a curry contaiIMG_9854ning Indian cheese and peas, and comes with other curry dishes and basmati rice. Mmmm…basmati rice with cloves and other spices. Of course, each of these entrée dishes comes with Naan (Indian flatbread). This facilitates dipping and enjoying the various sauces on your plate!
Please, if you’re in the Lacey, Washington area, specifically the Martin Way area near Hawks Prairie Costco, stop by the Curry House Lacey. Also, if you’re in a hurry, you can also order online and pick up your meal. You will not be disappointed! And, if you happen to meet Pranjit, please let her know Karen, the Hawaii lady, sent you.

Arirang Market: Small Market Feel with Big Flavor

IMG_9285I love going to small businesses that have character, familiarity and coziness. Arirang Oriental Market is no exception. Started by Mr. Woo, a wonderfully humble Korean man, this little community market, located at 7940 Martin Way E, Lacey, Washington, boasts a variety of products that will satisfy any type of Asian recipe outside of Tacoma and Seattle. From fresh garlic, to homemade kimchee, to Thai and Hawaiian products, you can find most ingredients to satisfy your Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai or Chinese homemade dish. For you Hawaiians craving home cooking, you can find crack see, poi (frozen), Aloha Shoyu and other yummies. IMG_9284

I must not neglect that this little market does specialize in a few things besides homemade kimchee (by the way, is good for kimchee fried rice): kim pop and chop chae. Kim pop is a Korean sushi roll that includes watercress, takuan and carrots wrapped in plain (not vinegared) rice with nori (seaweed paper). Great for a quick lunch or to take to parties as an appetizer (or as we Hawai’i people call it—pupu). Chop chae is a stir-fried noodle dish with a bunch of julienned veggies, garlic (of course) and clear noodles. This, too, is a great dish for a lunch or pupu.

Alice Woo and her husband Sung now run the store but the elder Woos are on occasionally to say hello and help out in the back. This is the small enterprise that is being perpetuated through the next generation, while serving those with Asian product needs.

Next time you go in, let Alice know you read about their great establishment on Talking Small Biz!

Beautiful Jewelry from the Pacific

I LOVE jewelry.   Tahitian Pearls

After spending some time in my home state of Hawai‘i, I’ve grown to love Tahitian pearls, Hawaiian-inspired jewelry and Hawaiian Reggae music.

Korey Kreations is a Hawaiian-grown small business that embodies the spirit of A-L-O-H-A. GF Tahitian banglesAfter meeting Korey Gayer from Ewa Beach, Hawai‘i at the 3 Days of Aloha Festival in Vancouver, WA, the spirit of Hawai‘i (and small biz) lives on! Her jewelry reflects the colors, elements and essence of the Hawaiian Islands while expressing her individuality through her custom jewelry. Primarily featuring her art on Facebook, she provides a great assortment of pearl and shell-ladden bangles, shell earring hoops and whatever you desire. Please visit Korey Kreations on Facebook, patronize Hawai‘i small business and enjoy the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

Boutique Offering A Well-Outfitted Lifestyle: Industrie Clothiers

Little treasures are all around us, especially in west Olympia, in Washington State. The recession has subsided and more little businesses are cropping up. IMG_8876There’s a new little boutique that’s not even a year old yet but packs a good fashion punch. Industrie Clothiers is situated in a little strip mall, next to Jay’s Farm Stand. Owner Amy Peters, who’s been in the retail apparel industry for a number of years, decided to launch her business that reflects her understanding of affordable, trendy clothing, while balancing her other full time job—Mommying. Industrie Clothiers’ main focus is casual lifestyle- primarily premium denim and cute tops. Brands include 7 For All Mankind, Hudson, Joe’s Jeans, J Brand, Maison Scotch, True Religion, etc. Every time I go in there, I cannot help but purchase a new blouse or dress. Her prices are affordable without sacrificing style, including offering Joe’s jeans. IMG_8871In addition to women’s apparel, she’s added some men’s casual and kids’ pieces. There are also luscious scented lotions and candles to set the “ooo-I’m-in-heaven” atmosphere to any home, as well as purses and easy slip on flats.

I encourage any one of you who want fashion, for yourself or your family, in a relaxing atmosphere where the owner (and great staff) is always on hand to help but not harass, visit Industrie Clothiers on Olympia’s Westside at 4419 Harrison Ave NW #103, Olympia, WA 98502.

Tahitian Flair to Wear

IdaI love small business. I love the fact that someone or people would have a passion for something so much that they’d risk their comfort zone to offer their passions to the world. I especially appreciate small businesses that overcome many challenges and come out stronger and more focused.Tiare Teiti red dress

I love fashion, clothing and the Polynesian flair, which can all be found at Tiare Teiti (Tee-are-eh Tay-ee-tee: roll your “r”). Ida Teiti, a very hip Tahitian, who designs her own prints and apparel, established this little boutique. If you’re a maverick for style and love color, then Tiare Teiti is the place for you. Her beautiful, bold floral print patterns and dress styles are appealing to the eye and demonstrates avante garde panache. Tiare Teiti Kane ShirtsBut men, don’t feel left out, there are the Tiare Teiti men’s Tahitian aloha shirts that are bold, and exuberates the Polynesian male style. Besides apparel, this trendy shop also offers scarves, bags, pareaus (pah-ray-ohs or sarongs), authentic Tahitian vanilla and Tahitian pearl jewelry. You can also find Honey Girl swimwear for women and girls. When you make a purchase, your items will be carefully wrapped in tissue and tied with a cord that boasts a coconut piece (that can be later used as a pendant if you’re good with crafts) and placed in a cool mesh bag.

You can find Tiare Teiti online, Facebook or at the Ward Warehouse shopping complex at 1240 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814. Click here to see the store.

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